Isaías Griñolo Padilla

Multiverso Grant for Video Art Creation


Work: La España profunda (de Ortega y Gasset a Rocío Jurado)


Since 2011, Isaías Griñolo (Bonares, Huelva; 1963) has been working with poets and Flamenco artists on historia contemporánea, a project on the period following the 15M protest movement in Madrid.

A series of works that includes Contra Tàpies, four video stories about walls and graffiti (Fundació Antoni Tàpies, Barcelona, 2013);  18 fotografías y 18 historias, a video narrative and telephone conversation with Isidoro Valcárcel Medina for If I Can’t Dance (Amsterdam, 2012); and Cuartos de Utopía for Flares in the Darkroom, two video stories about the experiences of the Corrala de Vecinas La Utopía, a neighborhood action group in Seville (Secession, Vienna, 2014).
Together with Paul B. Preciado, he curated  La Noche del Apagón (MACBA, 2014), a critical-performative installation on the extinction of fundamental rights under the law of the market.


La España profunda starts from the work of Juan de Ávalos, the sculptor behind the Valle de los Caídos, a symbol that  still today divides Spanish society. Griñolo uses it as an example to analyze the country’s recent history. Drawing on Ávalos’s “other” sculptures, the artist will produce a film essay addressing four concepts: history, the feminine, religion and the artistic manifestation of the intra-historic temperament.

He will also invite four poets – Antonio Orihuela, Ana Pérez Cañamares, Isabel Pérez Montalbán and Manuel Vilas – to reflect on the distance between Ortega y Gasset and Rocío Jurado. In sum, an exploration of memory, territory, tradition, folklore, anthropology and poetry.