Joaquín Araújo Ponciano

BBVA Foundation Biodiversity Conservation Awards

2th edition

The award goes to Joaquín Araújo Ponciano for his distinguished track record as a communicator of environmental and conservation values.


Joaquín Araújo Ponciano, writer, journalist and editor, has devoted almost forty years of professional life to informing and educating Spanish society about the need to conserve our natural environment.

A staunch naturalist and conservationist, he has advanced the cause in over 2,000 articles and 75 books and through his active involvement with numerous environmental, cultural and charitable associations and NGOs. He has also participated in the writing, coordination and editing of eight encyclopaedias and curated six exhibitions. His tireless informative and educational labours and mastery of the audiovisual medium have led to him direct, produce, advise, script or present over 300 TV programmes and documentaries, and to take part in over 3,000 radio shows as presenter or guest.

The work of this pioneer in environmental broadcasting in Spain has met with widespread recognition, and has won him various distinctions as an environmental communicator, among them the United Nations Global 500 Award and the National Environment Prize.