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This page contains the videos are used in Multivariate Analysis of Ecological Data and Biplots in Practice.

Multivariate Analysis of Ecological Data

  • Chapter 13: Video 13.1
    In this video we see the three-dimensional scatterplot of the samples and species of the "Barents fish" data set - see Exhibit 13.4 of the book.



Biplots in Practice

  • Chapter 1: Video 1.1
    This video shows the scatterplot of the trivariate data from Exhibit 1.1, rotating the scatterplot around the vertical dimension ("Purchasing power"). The rotation pauses at the viewpoint shown in the upper figure of Exhibit 1.3, where the points line up approximately along an axis, as shown in that figure (this type of dispersion axis is called a "principal axis"). This means that the points must lie approximately in a plane and this viewpoint is looking at that plane from the side. This viewpoint is the start of the animation sequence in the next video.

  • Chapter 2: Video 2.1
    In this video we see the three-dimensional scatterplot of species d versus pollution (y) and depth (x) and the regression plane defined by the model d = 6.135-1.388y+0.148x [see equation (2.1) and the schematic version on the left of Exhibit 2.2].

  • Chapter 5: Video 5.1
    If you play this video you will hear Michael Greenacre's musical rendition of the singular value decomposition (SVD), which is the basis of all the dimension-reducing methods presented in this book. The song was recorded by Gurdeep Stephens (voice) and Lisa Olive (piano) on 21 June 2011 in Victoria, BC, Canada, with animations and commentary added by Michael in Barcelona. It was presented for the first time in Michael's invited talk "Biplot Videos" at the 9th Tartu Conference on Multivariate Analysis, 28 June 2011.