Closed call


The BBVA Foundation supports both basic and applied research: the former through the “Fundamentos” Program, and the latter, addressing goals outside the realm of science, through Prisms & Problems, an interdisciplinary program that is also open to the participation of experts from public agencies and other organizations who contribute to analyzing and engaging with the focus issues in this call.

Prisms & Problems aims to capture and/or generate the best knowledge for input to novel approaches in dealing with issues of major social and environmental concern. In general, tackling complex social problems and systemic environmental challenges calls for multidisciplinary collaboration, and the wedding of academic research with the perspectives brought by the institutional agents intervening in their diagnosis and treatment. The intention is that projects should help to identify the main factors underlying the problem in question, while offering an analytical evaluation of the effectiveness of public policies and the actions of other social agents.

The Prisms & Problems Program seeks to provide society with practical, instrumental recommendations based on innovative analysis, robust empirical evidence and, in some instances, comparative analysis with other societies.

The issues proposed in the first edition of Prisms & Problems are:

  • The water cycle in Spain: uses and management
  • Conservation of critical ecosystems in Spain
  • Artificial intelligence values, regulation and applications
  • Digitalization and mobile devices in education
  • Educational models and outcomes
  • Young people: employability, access to housing and interpersonal relations
  • Gender-based violence: comparative analysis
  • Democracy and the rule of law in Europe

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