16th Edition

Get to know the laureates

On Thursday, June 20, Euskalduna Bilbao will be the venue for the presentation ceremony of the 16th Frontiers of Knowledge Awards. The evening before, the gala concert in honor of this year’s recipients of the BBVA Foundation’s international prizes, recognizing scientific and cultural excellence, will be held at the same venue. In 2019, the BBVA Foundation decided to make Bilbao the permanent home of the ceremony, and this will be the fifth time it has been hosted by the Bizkaia capital. The event will be streamed live on the BBVA Foundation homepage at 19:30 (Spanish standard time).

The goal of the BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Awards is to celebrate and promote the value of knowledge as a public good without frontiers, the best instrument at our command to take on the great challenges and opportunities of our time. Their eight categories are congruent with the knowledge map of the 21st century, ranging from basic science to environmental and climate studies by way of biomedicine, economics, information technologies, social sciences, the humanities and the universal art of music.