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Over three decades of accumulated knowledge in the Foundation’s main focus areas

The BBVA Foundation offers access to its publications through a new digital catalogue

The BBVA Foundation has launched a new digital catalogue of both its print and multimedia publications, making over 900 titles available -192 of them in English- free of charge to the interested public through an updated resource that applies the standard bibliographic organization and search criteria followed by the publishing sector.

9 March, 2022


Digital Catalogue

This new resource, which has its own section in the navigation menu of the BBVA Foundation’s institutional website, offers users a catalogue of publications in Spanish and English whose content can be enjoyed free of charge.

Users will have aggregate access to the knowledge contributed by the Foundation’s authors and collaborators over more than thirty years in the main areas making up the knowledge map of the 20th and 21st centuries: from basic sciences, biomedicine, ecology and conservation biology, and information and communication technologies to social sciences, the humanities, art and culture.

In all, the catalogue comprises 914 publications running from 1991 to the present day. Of these, 183 correspond to digital formats (CDs, DVDs or apps). Of the remaining 731, 169 belong to the old BBV Foundation collection (2001-1991), and 562 form part of the publications line launched in 2002. Most are offered in digital pdf format, free to download.

In terms of subjects and collections, the largest single block (over 400 titles) corresponds to the Economics area, including works such as Unpaid Work in the Global Economy, by María Ángeles Durán.

In the field of Basic Sciences, the catalogue offers the entire collection of videos of the Science of the Cosmos, Science in the Cosmos lecture series, in which experts from the top ranks of the world scientific community share their vision of some of the main open questions in astrophysical research, including the origins of the universe, the formation of stars and galaxies, the mysterious nature of black holes, the detection of gravitational waves and the exploration of extrasolar planets. Also available is the lecture series of the Strings 07 Conference on the Fundamental Physics in the 21st Century, with David Gross, Juan Maldacena, and Lisa Randall, as well as the lecture How advances in science are made, delivered by Douglas Osheroff, Nobel Prize in Physics.

The environmental sciences are also represented by such landmark publications as Whither the Arctic Ocean?, the multidisciplinary  vision of 30 leading experts on the Arctic meltdown and its repercussions for the Earth system, under the coordination of marine ecologist Paul Wassmann; Arctic Tipping Points, also edited by Wassmann with Carlos Duarte, Frontiers of Knowledge laureate in Ecology and Conservation Biology, looking at critical junctures in this all-important process in the context of climate change; The Exploration of Marine Diversity: Scientific and Technological Challenges, and Global Loss of Costal Habitats, both also edited by Professor Duarte; and Multivariate Analysis of Ecological Data, by Michael Greenacre and Raul Primicerio.

New catalogue functionalities

The catalogue’s advanced search function allows works to be found by date of publication, subject area, collection or format, or any combination of the same. It is also possible to search by author (among more than 3,500 entries) or title.

The BBVA Foundation has also made the catalogue’s academic contents available free of charge to libraries and universities round the world via the eLibro ebook aggregator, and other platforms like the CSIC Virtual Library or Google Books.