Calidad de vida y envejecimiento

La visión de los mayores sobre sus condiciones de vida

Edited by
Fermina Rojo Pérez, Gloria Fernández-Mayoralas Fernández

Vicente Rodríguez Rodríguez, María Eugenia Prieto-Flores, Karim Ahmed-Mohamed, María Joao Forjaz, María Belén Frades-Payo, Raúl Lardiés-Bosque, Pablo Martínez-Martín, José Manuel Rojo-Abuín

Social Sciences > Demography, Sociology

This book sets out to understand and document the aging process from the perspective of elderly individuals residing at home and their living conditions and quality of life.

What do elderly people understand by quality of life, how do they evaluate it, and what are the main factors determining its level? These and other questions are addressed in a purpose-designed survey complete with specific measurement instruments. Other data sources are population and housing censuses and municipal records. The authors analyze this material using univariate and multivariate statistical techniques which are detailed in the methodological notes accompanying the text. These notes are also separately available on the BBVA Foundation website.

By treating aging as a multidimensional phenomenon and focusing on the descriptive as well as normative aspects of living conditions and life quality, the book reveals much about how people’s needs evolve with age. It accordingly advocates for policies that allow old people to remain in their usual home environment, which they regard as the ideal solution with respect to accommodation, social relations and community involvement.

Its contents will be of aid to researchers beyond its immediate geronto-geographical context – the elderly residing at home in the Madrid Region – since this group undoubtedly shares many characteristics with the whole of the elderly population living in the community.


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