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Capitalización y crecimiento de la economía riojana, 1955-1997

Social Sciences > Economics > Capitalization and Growth

The autonomous region of La Rioja is in a leading position in the context of Spanish regions, with a per capital income level that is closer to its European community partners than the national average. Its per capita GDP growth is related to strong physical and human capital accumulation, increased productivity resulting from technical progress and more efficient use of productive resources, and a moderate increase in the population. The region has a responsive industrial sector and productive agriculture. Its sensitivity to the economic cycle of Spain as a whole is limited, and this factor could have contributed to its lower unemployment rate. The zone has grown significantly in its trading relations abroad, with the European Union being the main destination and origin of exports and imports. This volume is the result of collaboration between the BBV Foundation and the Valencian Institute for Economic Research (IVIE).