Caracterización de la industria forestal en España

Aspectos económicos y ambientales

Directed by
Luis Díaz Balteiro

Antonio Herruzo Martínez, Antonio Prieto Rodríguez, Carlos Romero López, Jacinto González Pachón, Xenia Calvo Medina, Margarita Martínez Núñez, Roberto Voces González

Social Sciences > Economics > Industrial and Organizational Economics

This book examines the economic and corporate structure of the wood chain in Spain, understood as the range of enterprises engaging in the timber, paper and furniture industries. Among its objectives is to draw a map of these industries from different angles, taking in production and environmental considerations as well as relations with other wood chain agents. This is set against an accounting analysis designed to capture the financial reality of the sector.

The book also scrutinizes the results of various studies into the efficiency, innovation and competitiveness of wood chain companies, along with sector-wide aggregates to do with foreign trade and foreign direct investment.

Its publication will go some way to remedying the paucity of in-depth studies on these industries. Its authors have combined traditional methods like analysis of financial ratios with more sophisticated statistical and multicriteria decision techniques; in some cases applied to these sectors for the first time. In addition, a series of appendices provide an exhustive list of international, national and regional databases containing economic data on wood chain industries.

This book is aimed at forestry industry professionals as well as other professionals and scholars with an interest in these sectors. It may also be of use to university students on related degree courses.