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Controles internos del endeudamiento versus racionamiento del crédito

Estudio especial del caso de las comunidades autónomas españolas

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One of the reasons for setting limits to public indebtedness in all layers of government is the concern for the increased tax burdens that will fall on future generations to repay the debt. Coordination of the stabilization policy and ensuring future financial harmonization are of particular concern for regional governments. A review of regional debt from 1990 to 1997 makes clear the difficulty of guaranteeing that the deficit and indebtedness of the autonomous regions can be handled in a way that is consistent with the commitment by the state public sector to sustain the budgetary order, as demanded by the convergence guidelines and the Stability and Growth Pact. The Budgetary Consolidation Scenarios are a useful means of coordinating indebtedness, and also an instrument that is badly managed.