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¿Convergencia o divergencia?

Comparación de tendencias sociales recientes en las sociedades industriales

Edited by
Simon Langlois, Salustiano del Campo Urbano

Howard M. Bahr, Gary Caldwell, Theodore Caplow, Bruce Chadwick, Jean-Hughes Déchaux, Salustiano del Campo Urbano, Michel Forsé, Guy Fréchet, Madeleine Gauthier, Wolfgang Glatzer, Karl-Otto Hondrich, Renata Hornung-Draus, Ver todos

Social Sciences > Sociology

The International Comparative Social Change Cartography Group (GICCCS) analyzes whether we are witnessing the emergence of a model of development that will result in the steady reduction of national differences. This research analyzes the current situation in a number of different advanced industrial societies with respect to factors such as low fertility rates, employment, relations between parents and adult children, the status of religion and secularism, the reduction of personal authority, conflict regulation, the institutionalization of environmental movements, etc. The works included in the publication provide a reliable response to numerous questions on the behavior of various social groups. The BBV Foundation is the institution responsible for the Spanish contribution to the Comparative Social Cartography Project.