The 2013 Fundación BBVA-Ivie report Crecimiento y competitividad examines the tests in the way of Spain’s recovery. It confirms that the Spanish economy has emerged from recession but not from the crisis. For this to happen, it must confront a long list of challenges in the medium and long term which will call for far-reaching changes in education and in the corporate and public sectors.

To compete on the global stage and achieve lasting development, the report finds, Spain must work towards two interrelated objectives: fostering inclusive growth that is rich in employment, and promoting advanced, stable competitiveness. Better growth and competitiveness will require, in turn, a strategy that looks beyond adjustment measures to focus on the larger picture of the country’s weaknesses and collective socioeconomic goals. With this in mind, the authors define a series of short-and medium-term milestones and propose 15 lines of action.


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