The Fundación BBVA-Ivie 2012 report Crecimiento y competitividad. Motores y frenos de la economía española examines the performance of the Spanish economy throughout the present crisis. It looks particularly at the keys and obstacles to recovery, the factors driving the ongoing transformation of the country’s productive fabric and the currents of change welling up beneath today’s troubled macroeconomic and financial waters.

The report is divided into three parts. The first provides a general diagnosis of the international situation, with particular attention to Europe and Spain. The second analyzes five aspects of our economy where improvement is imperative in order to converge towards the development model of the advanced countries: business profitability, regional and sectoral productivity, sources of employment, the growth of the knowledge economy, and a diversified, sophisticated export mix. The third part sums up the policy response and the authors’ conclusions, while proposing lines of action in various domains.


Report in PDF format

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