El asma en la infancia y adolescencia

Directed by
Ángel López-Silvarrey Varela, Javier Korta Murua

Elena Alonso Lebrero, Joan Figuerola, Javier Korta Murua, Ángel López-Silvarrey Varela, Francisco Javier López-Silvarrey, Máximo Martínez, Manuel Praena, Marisa Ridao, Carmen Rosa Rodríguez Fernández-Oliva, Juana María Román, Santiago Rueda, Emilio Sanz Álvarez, Ver todos

Life Sciences and Biomedicine > Health and Lifestyle

Asthma is a frequently occurring chronic disease among children and adolescents in the developed countries. It represents a major health problem for reasons of its prevalence and multiple repercussions for sufferers, their families and society at large.

The BBVA Foundation and the Fundación María José Jove have published this book in order to explain the facts about asthma and its treatment, in the belief that patient welfare will benefit from the existence of a better-informed public.
Its contents are the work of a team of experts in asthma education drawn from different care professions, including pediatric allergists and pneumologists, primary care pediatricians and sports doctors.

The book offers a comprehensive, easy-to-use guide to the disease that combines rigorous information with carefully selected images. It is aimed at asthma patients and their families as well as teachers, carers, monitors, sports trainers and the interested public.


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