El conocimiento científico como referente político en el siglo XXI

Edited by
César Nombela Cano

Juan José Badiola Díez, Luis Balairón Ruiz, Juan Fernández-Cuesta Luca de Tena, Montserrat Gomendio Kindelán, Juan Antonio Herrero Molina, Pablo Jáuregui Narváez, Juan Ramón Lacadena Calero, Gonzalo León Serrano, Juan Lissavetzky Díez, Emilio Lora-Tamayo d'Ocón, Ana Mato Adrover, María Purificación Neira González, Ver todos

Philippe Busquin

Social Sciences > Public Policy

In today’s society, the exercise of public management or governance requires taking decisions based on solid scientific principles. The list of issues for which the evidence provided by advances in technoscientifi c knowledge is an essential starting point is constantly enlarging.

This book is the result of a joint initiative between the Fundación General de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid and the BBVA Foundation. It attempts to systematize the bases of the main scientifi c references for public management decisions, uniting the opinions of scientists, research managers, policymakers and media representatives whose recent experience is of relevance to the debate.


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