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El euro y sus repercusiones sobre la economía española

Coordinated by
Ramón Caminal Echevarria

Javier Andrés Domingo, Olivier J. Blanchard, Guillermo de la Dehesa, Rafael Doménech, Antonio Fatás, Ángel de la Fuente Moreno, Inmaculada Gallastegui, María Carmen Gallastegui, José Manuel González-Páramo Martínez-Murillo, Charles Goodhart, Daniel Gros, Jordi Gual, Ver todos

Social Sciences > Economics > Economic Policy

A few years ago it was common to find skeptical comments about the political viability or economic advisability of a single currency for Europe. Today, European Monetary Union (EMU) is a fact and Spain has been part of it from the start. This work analyzes the institutional design of EMU and deals with the implications that the euro will have on our country’s economy in relation to questions such as future growth, unemployment, macroeconomic fluctuations, new challenges for the banking industry and the location of the financial markets. The volume brings together the presentations and debates at the conference on The Euro and its Impact on the Spanish Economy, which the BBV Foundation organized in San Sebastian in 1998