El pago de incentivos en la empresa industrial española

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The result of a research project promoted by the BBVA Foundation to analyze the penetration in Spanish industry of new forms of work and production organization, and to gauge their impact on competitiveness.

This book is the third in a series flowing from the same study project, which began with La calidad en la empresa industrial española (2001) and Los desafíos de la competitividad: la innovación organizativa y tecnológica en la empresa española (2003), discussed above. Its basic objective is to understand the role of payment incentives to production workers in Spanish industry, and the factors that determine their effectiveness.

To do so, it uses empirical information from a survey of almost one thousand Spanish industrial companies belonging to all manufacturing centers and all Autonomous Regions. The conclusion drawn is that the prevalence of the two incentive systems analyzed – the payment of productivity bonuses, and the payment of plant or company bonuses – is notably uneven. While productivity bonuses are used by around half the firms surveyed, a place is only found for organizationa


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