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El stock de capital en viviendas (1990-2010) y en otras construcciones (1990-2009) en España, y su distribución territorial

Social Sciences > Economics > Capitalization and Growth

This study aims to estimate the value of capital stock in housing and other structures in Spain, and its territorial distribution. In both cases, the valuation was made using transaction prices, unlike the capital stock research conducted by Ivie and the BBVA Foundation since 1995, which has been based to date on the perpetual inventory method (PIM). With reference to the housing stock it should be noted that in this study the results obtained in Uriel et al. (2009) are updated to 2010.

In addition to the value of the housing stock, the value of the land associated with housing has been estimated as a residual value, taking into account the series based on PIM. The results attained are consistent at a regional level for each estimation year.

On the other hand, with regard to other structures, it is the first time that the value of the stock has been estimated in Spain based on transaction prices. These estimates have been made for the period 1990-2009 by branches of activity and regions. It is important to note that there is far less information available to carry out this assessment than for the assessment of the housing stock.


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