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Escenarios de evolución del gasto público en pensiones y desempleo en el horizonte 2020

Directed by
José Barea Tejeiro

Principal investigators
Maximino Carpio García, Eugenio Domingo Solans

Dolores Dizy Menéndez, Olga Ruiz Cañete, Paloma Tobes Portillo, Marta Fernández Moreno, Teresa Sanz García, Diego Cano Soler

Social Sciences > Economics, Public Policy > Public Economics

The aim of this research is to determine the viability of the current Spanish pension and unemployment systems. Based on the foreseeable behavior of demographic, economic and the system’s own functional variables, the authors, led by Professor Barea, have constructed a model that is a simplified representation of our Social Security system and allows projections to be made in real terms on future spending and income with respect to pension and unemployment cover. The study constitutes a contribution to the research Pensiones y prestaciones por desempleo (Pensions and Unemployment Benefits) (Fundación BBV, page 66).