Estadísticas históricas de España

Siglos XIX-XX

Albert Carreras de Odriozola, Xavier Tafunell Sambola

Josep Fontana

Carlos Barciela, Albert Carreras de Odriozola, Francisco Comín Comín, Daniel Díaz, Jesús Giráldez, Antonio Gómez Mendoza, Grupo de Estudios de Historia Rural, Jacint Jordana, Juan J. Linz, Montserrat Llonch, Inmaculada López, Jordi Maluquer de Motos, Ver todos

Social Sciences > Economics > History

This publication is actually several books in one: a statistical yearbook spanning two centuries, a series of introductorystudies, and a set of source and bibliographical notes.

The main part of the work comprises over five thousand data columns painstakingly referenced to analytical, name and place name indexes to facilitate further study of the areas covered, namely:climate; population and health; education; agriculture and fisheries; industry; urbanisation and housing; transport and communications; the foreign sector; the monetary and financial system; business and stock markets; research and development; the government sector and the welfare state; Government and Administration; politics and elections; employment and labour relations; consumption and prices; and income and wealth.

This second, enlarged and updated edition, prepared by twenty-five authors and including new chapters and subject areas, will mark a major contribution toour understanding of contemporary Spain. It also places Spain among the select group of countries with collections of historical statistics covering a broad thematic and chronological spectrum which can serve as material for comparative studies.


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