Hacia la europeización de la Constitución española

La adaptación de la Constitución española al marco constitucional de la Unión Europea

Coordinated by
Pedro Cruz Villalón

Fernando Álvarez-Ossorio Micheo, Ana M. Carmona Contreras, Manuel Medina Guerrero, Agustín Ruiz Robledo

Social Sciences > Legal Sciences, Political Science

The term Europeisation, as applied to the constitutions of European Union Member States, refers to the changes in these national texts imposed or inspired by the gathering process of European integration. Member States that have not undertaken these reforms are nowadays in a minority, and the book suggests it is time for Spain to confront the Europeisation of its own constitution. Its aim, precisely, is to contribute to the necessary debate around the characteristics, terms and scope of a possible constitutional reform in Spain.

The starting point of such a reform is clear enough but, as comparative law reveals, its eventual shape is less certain. Among the topics it considers are the basic problem of how Spain stands in relation to Europe, the possible re-drafting of fundamental rights, the demarcation of national and European spheres of authority and, finally, the consequences for the balance of power, including its territorial dimension. A documentary appendix looks at the constitutional options elected by other EU states.


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