La formación y el empleo de los jóvenes españoles

Trayectoria reciente y escenarios futuros

Social Sciences > Demography, Sociology

This report reviews both educational and employment trends for young people during this century in Spain, with particular attention to the crisis and job prospects for the next decade.

To this end, the study combines a broad range of statistical sources to examine changes in young peoples educational level, but also their basic competencies compared to other developed countries; past and future demographic trends; their relative labour-market position; their movements between employment, unemployment and inactivity; employment characteristics and job prospects on the 2025 horizon; the mismatch between the educational attainment of workers and what is required by jobs in terms of education level and skills; and some of the ways in which young Spaniards have responded to the crisis.

The analysis shows, beyond the current crisis, a future of generational replacement with more job opportunities for young people. However, to seize them they must be better prepared, which will require further efforts, especially in terms of training and education.