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La imagen ciudadana de la Justicia

Foro sobre la reforma y gestión de la justicia

José Juan Toharia Cortés

Social Sciences > Legal Sciences, Public Policy

This working paper analyses the main findings of the «Poll on Citizens’ Image of the Justice System» conducted in the framework of the BBVA Foundation’s Forum on Judicial Reform and Management. The results and technical features of this survey are attached as an Appendix to the present working paper. The paper stands as the latest advance in a line of research stretching back almost two decades, and dovetailing with the «External Opinion Polls» run by the Consejo General del Poder Judicial. In this regard, the pages that follow owe a large debt to the author’s Public Opinion and the Justice System (2001), part of whose contents it prolongs and updates. While the copyright on the survey data analysed belongs to the BBVA Foundation, the interpretation and analysis contained in these pages are the sole responsibility of the author.