La lucha frente a las enfermedades de la pobreza

Responsabilidad y necesidad

Edited by
Vicente Larraga Rodríguez de Vera

Raquel Alfonso Leshman, Belkisyolé Alarcón de Noya, Pedro Albajar-Viñas, Pedro José Alcolea Alcolea, Ana Alonso Ayala, Henry A. Bermúdez Ramírez, Agustín Benito Llanes, Beatriz Camps Carmona, Patricia E. Carreira Moreno, Bartolomé Carrilero Fernández, Cecilia Comenares, Daniel Deniz García, Ver todos

Life Sciences and Biomedicine > Biomedical Research

Leishmaniasis, malaria, Chagas’ disease or  cysticercosis are conditions that have refused to yield before the advances in vaccines and public hygiene occurring since the middle of the 20th century. Along with diarrheas and respiratory diseases, they are the cause of millions of deaths every year and affect more than one billion people worldwide.

Although these diseases are bound in with poverty and social neglect, the globalization of the economic system has favored their extension beyond their traditional areas of incidence. And the fact that western healthcare systems are witnessing more and more cases of what were once considered exotic complaints has turned the fight against them into an immediate need as well as a matter of social responsibility.

This book sets out the latest research advances regarding the epidemiology of the agents causing these diseases and the essential aspects of their physiopathology, which will hopefully lead to new drugs and vaccines to aid in their prevention and treatment.


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