PublicationSibila-Fundación BBVA Library of Spanish Poetry

Las palabras crecen

Humberto Ak'abal

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The Sibila-Fundación BBVA Library of Spanish Poetry is a new publishing initiative of the BBVA Foundation intended to celebrate and share the past and present wealth of Spanish-language poetry, first within the countries and cultures where it is spoken and then at an international level, and to familiarize both publics with the aesthetic and cultural universe that these works represent, with its differences and singularities.

The Sibila-Fundación BBVA Library of Spanish Poetry consists of five collections – Complete Works, Anthologies, Past Works (published), Contemporary Works (unpublished) and Poetic Theory and Aesthetics – all of them comprising volumes of poetry written in Spanish, chosen and introduced by present-day authors, and carefully edited with the assistance of specialists in the case of already published works. It is directed at both the habituated verse reader and the uninitiated, for whom it will serve as a guide to Spanish-language poetry in its diverse expressions and historical and cultural traditions, including the current state of the poetic art.