Las parejas de hecho como sujeto de las políticas familiares en la España de las autonomías

José Javier Ezquerra Ubero, Isabel Lázaro González

Social Sciences > Legal Sciences, Public Policy

Couples as a new model of family life demand a legal framework in a Social State like Spain. The distribution of competences between Central Government and the Territorial Entities (Comunidades Autónomas) has given rise to a varied and complex regulation. Territorial Entities (Comunidades Autónomas) have produced a particular legislation while Central Government has not enacted any law yet.

This work attempts to clarify the current situation, paying attention especially to Territorial Entities’ Law, without forgetting the Comparative and European Law Perspectives. Nowadays couples are a kind of family and, consequently, a target of family policies. In a context of social transformations and legal changes certain patterns of development can be ascertained. The last word, however, has not been said. Crisis in the family has not ended and Law should look after the social necessities in the best manner possible.


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