Libro de la salud del Hospital Clínic de Barcelona y la Fundación BBVA

Directed by
Juan Rodés Teixidor, Josep Maria Piqué, Antoni Trilla

Marta Aymerich

Montserrat Aceituno, Alfredo Adán, Carlos Agustí, Antonio Alcaraz, Francesc Xavier Alemany, Pedro Luis Alonso, Montserrat Amigó, Joan Albert Arnáiz, Miguel Ángel Asenjo, Marta Aymerich, Juan Balasch, Joan Albert Barberà, Ver todos

This publication, which als has been published as print version,  is the result of the collaboration between the Fundación BBVA with the Barcelona Hospital Clínic a leading institution in biomedical research and is a frontrunner in medical care and teaching. Its idea is to bring current medical knowledge closer to citizens and offer rigorous and accessible health information.

Following a question and answer teaching method, one hundred and twenty health professionals of the Barcelona Hospital Clínic, recognised specialists with extensive experience, address, by means of a clear and simple jargon, a selection of the most important diseases from a prevalence as well as health system standpoint. This document facilitates a better understanding of the important concepts that sometimes may go unnoticed, and others which, are normally considered to be transcendental, perhaps are not so. Thus enabling citizens to have a more active and informed participation in their healthcare as well as in the medical decisions which directly affect them.