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Mujeres y Biomedicina

Fronteras actuales y retos de futuro

Edited by
Flora de Pablo Dávila, Carmen Vela Olmo

Flora de Pablo Dávila, María Ángeles Durán Heras, Alberto Ferrús Gemero, Otilia Mó Romero, Carmen Vela Olmo

Social Sciences > SociologyLife Sciences and Biomedicine

This book outlines many questions and some answers that emerge from two complementary activities: 1) The questionnaire responded to by a group of experts which, although lacking statistical value, does compile a good grange of authorised opinions. 2) The public forum held on the 8th of March 2005, Day of the Working Woman, at the headquarters of the Fundación BBVA in Madrid.

After summarising both activities, prepared by Otilia Mó, it includes the presentations given by Alberto Ferrús and Carmen Vela, lectures that caused very interesting reactions, and, finally we include the incisive reflections of María Áneles Durán.


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