Patrones recientes de comercio y especialización internacional

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The current crisis is framed by a profound transformation that is sweeping the world economy. This process is manifest primarily in the course of world trade over the last few decades, as analyzed in this monographic publication.
Its focus is recent patterns of trade and how they have evolved over the past 25 years in relation to the income and growth of countries and world regions. It also looks at bilateral trade flows and countries’ international specialization drawing on detailed information on more than 3,000 products.

The study devotes much of its space to the Spanish export sector, concluding with an analysis of its strengths and weaknesses. Among the points it makes is that the geographical catchment of Spain’s exports and a preponderance of less sophisticated products, with a certain trend towards offshoring, is a source of serious constraints and threats. That said, the diversified nature of its external sector and the competitive dynamism of the last few decades evidence a sound productive base with the ability to contribute decisively to the renewal of the country’s economic development model.

This book will appeal to researchers, economists and general readers with an interest in the international economy and economic development, who will find in its pages a rich source of information and analysis on the current levers of the world economy and the particular challenges facing Spain.


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