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¿Privatizar el Estado?

Un retroceso en el camino de la historia o la antítesis del Estado de derecho

Gaspar Ariño Ortiz

With the collaboration of
Lucía López de Castro

Social Sciences > Economics, Public Policy > Public Economics

We are witnessing a privatization of the state that every day brings with it a new example of traditional administrative bodies being converted into special “entities” whose common characteristic is the application to them of a private law regime. This is what has happened with the mail service, the ports, airports, tax agency, state assets agency, INI, etc. This study analyzes the question from the legal, political and economic point of view to determine to what point this abandonment of public law is constitutional and legal. The author calls for a recovery of traditional public law. It is a product of history, which does not have to be seen by politicians as an obstacle race, but rather a path that leads to and guarantees good governance.