Protección sociolaboral de la familia en el ámbito autonómico

Especial referencia a la conciliación de la vida familiar y laboral

M.ª José López Álvarez, Dolores Carrillo Márquez

Social Sciences > Legal Sciences, Public Policy

The societal, demographic, economic and cultural changes as well as the growing rates of women incorporation to paid work, have situated the reconciliation of work and family life issue on top in recent years. In Spain, the territorial decentralization process has given rise to a growing number of reconciliation of work and family policies in each Autonomous Community.

In this context, the document analizes the main reconciliation policies developed in the different Autonomous Communities through different initiatives and plans, related to employment, equal opportunities and family support, as well as the related legislative framework and collective bargaining, highlighting the different measures, the unequal development and the need of a better coordination.


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