Trasplantes y clonación de células humanas en el siglo XXI / Transplants and human cell cloning in the 21st century

Edited by
Santiago Grisolía

Fritz H. Bach, Alan H. Berger, Cesare Galli, Harry Griffin, William A. Haseltine, Giovanna Lazzari, Elizabeth A. McGregor, Rafael Matesanz Acedos, Robert M. Moor, Marcelo Palacios Alonso, Jeffrey L. Platt, Francisco Vilardell, Ver todos

Life Sciences and Biomedicine > Biomedical Research

This book brings together the papers presented to the VI International Meeting on the Human Genome Project: Transplants and Human Cloning in the Twenty-first Century, held at the Valencia seat of the Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo (UIMP).

It prolongs a line of discussion opened up by the BBVA Foundation several years back, to promote a deeper knowledge of the latest advances in genetics: on this occasion, in the field of xenotransplants and tissue and organ cloning, two of the crucial scientific-technical challenges of the 21st century with enormous social and health potential. Its publication marks a new addition to the Foundation’s ample stocks on this subject area.


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