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Aspectos de la nutrición del hombre

Directed by
Francisco Grande Covián, Gregorio Varela Mosquera

Coordinated by
Blanca Usoz

Rafael Carmena, Francisco Grande Covián, Manuel Segovia Hernández, Olga Moreiras Tuni, José María Ordiozola, Enrique Rojas Hidalgo, Bernabé Sanz, Gregorio Varela Mosquera

Life Sciences and Biomedicine > Health and Lifestyle

In contrast to the solid progress made by the science of nutrition and its relation to people’s health, contemporary society is misinformed on the true nature of nutritional processes and the properties of foods. This volume presents the state of scientific knowledge on the aspects of human nutrition that today arouse most interest in our country. They include the diet of people in Spain; the food of the future; and nutritional requirements during periods of growth and at an advanced age. In the opinion of those responsible for the conference on the subject organized by the BBV Foundation in 1992, knowledge and awareness of correct nutrition are factors that will be able to influence our food habits.