1993 LI 000010 GAR eco


Ecología, relaciones industriales y empresa

Edited by
Manuel García Ferrando, Rafael Pardo Avellaneda

Ernest García, Manuel García Ferrando, Klaus Heinemann, Francisco Jardón, Ignacio Lerma, Antonio Llardén Carratalá, Robert E. McGinn, Rafael Pardo Avellaneda, Antonio Santos, Gerhard Scherhorn, Manuel Toharia, Antonio Vercher Noguera

Social Sciences > EconomicsEnvironmental and Earth Sciences > Ecology

The research in this volume deals with environmental problems, from a standpoint that puts companies committed to their solution at the core. The changing attitudes of the business segment and business associations constitute a reason for institutions, practices, technologies and people’s lifestyles all pushing to make the preservation of the natural environment compatible with “quality of life”. This study, a collection of the work presented at the seminar on Ecology, Industrial Relations and Business organized in 1992, marked the beginning of a BBV Foundation research line on the environment and society, in the belief that no developed community can ignore the local, regional and global impact of human activity.