cubierta_DT 2007_12

PublicationWorking Papers

El impacto comercial de la integración europea, 1950-2000

Luis Fernando Lanaspa Santolaria, Antonio Montañés Bernal, Marcos Sanso Frago, Fernando Sanz Gracia

Social Sciences > Economics

In this working paper the trade impact of the European integration process in assessed. To that end, two different but complementary techniques are used: the gravity equation model and time series analysis. Four main conclusions are deduced. First, the existenceof a EEC effect is clearly confirmed from 1958 to 2000.

Second, the trade impact is quantitatively relevant and accounts for a non negligible part of each country’s GDP. Third, the relative impact has a positive temporal trend, especially at the end of the sample period. Finally, an ex ante EEC effect is detected from 1997 for the ten countries which joined the EU in May 2004.