PublicationWorking Papers1/2022

El stock de capital en España y sus comunidades autónomas

Dotaciones físicas de infraestructuras y su relación con las medidas monetarias

Social Sciences > Economics > Capitalization and Growth
This document presents the main results of the latest investment and capital stock estimates for the Spanish economy, developed jointly by the Ivie and the BBVA Foundation in 2021. The data has been updated to cover the period 1964-2019 with a broad breakdown by assets (tangible and intangible), sectors, regions and provinces. In addition, data on investment and capital stock have been updated until 2021 in an effort to analyze the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on capital accumulation in Spain. The richness of the database enables the characteristics of capitalization to be studied from multiple angles, making these estimates an essential tool for the study of the sources of growth in Spain. In this edition, the analysis focuses on the evolution of investment and capital stock since 1995, both at national and regional levels. It also offers information on transport infrastructures in physical units, as a complement to the information in monetary terms that is estimated annually in the capital stock database, and analyzes whether the results of both approaches to measuring the endowments used by the regions are consistent and compatible.