El stock de capital en España y su distribución territorial (1964-2000)

Social Sciences > Economics > Capitalization and Growth

The product of a broad-ranging research project undertaken by a team of experts from the Valencian Institute of Economic Research (Ivie) and Valencia University, in partnership with the BBVA Foundation, with the goals of generating analyses and statistical data on the capital stock of Spain and its geographical distribution, and studying the capitalization and economic growth of the regional economies. The richness of the data bank generated since 1993 makes it of inestimable value to researchers and anyone interested in the process of capital accumulation over a prolonged period of economic transformation in Spain. These are the only capital series certified to international standards (OECD), underwriting both their internal consistency and comparability with the figures for other developed countries.

The different published formats feature province-level series for public investment and capital dating from 1955, with a breakdown by spending head, and private investment and capital series dating from 1964, with a breakdown by productive sector. The CD-ROM that accompanies the book contains a complete electronic edition of the investment and capital stock series, along with useful search tools. The study database is available on the BBVA Foundation website. It facilitates online access to data on public investment and capital stock by province in 1955-2000, private investment and capital stock by region in 1964-2000, and provisional nationwide data for the years 2000-2001.


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