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El stock y los servicios de capital en España y su distribución territorial (1964-2012)


Social Sciences > Economics > Capitalization and Growth

This paper presents the new estimates of stock and capital services for the Spanish economy for the period 1964-2012 (available on The results present two important recent developments in the research that started in 2005 with the publication El stock y los servicios de capital en España (1964-2002). Nueva metodología, and which is part of the research program developed by the BBVA Foundation and the Ivie for over fifteen years now.

The first change in our research has been the use of the GFCF matrices by assets and industries established by the INE and first published in 2012, which currently cover the period 2000-2011. The change introduced by the INE in classifying the GFCF by assets, instead of using the classification by products, is of great interest since the GFCF breakdown by types of assets is crucial to our study. Another major development has been the change in the classification by activities by using the NACE-2009 classification, which is applied by the INE to the Spanish National Accounting base year 2008, as a replacement for NACE-1993.