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El stock y los servicios de capital en España y su distribución territorial y sectorial (1964-2010)

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This working paper presents new estimates of stock and capital services for the Spanish economy for the period 1964-2010 (available at www.fbbva.es). The results present some additional features to the ones already contained in the research that started in 2005 with the publication El stock y los servicios de capital en España (1964-2002). Nueva metodología, and which is part of the Research Program developed by the BBVA Foundation and the Ivie for over fifteen years now. First, the database has been adjusted to the most recent recommendations of the OECD. The quantitative consequences of this methodological change are not significant and have the advantage of converging with the procedure followed by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and the EU KLEMS project.

Second, for the first time data are offered by assets and industries, with a territorial breakdown by regions and provinces, completing the sectoral coverage of the database. This addition significantly increases the wealth of information contained in the estimates and offers new statistical tools for understanding the growth process of the Spanish provinces and regions.