Estudio geográfico de la mortalidad en España

Análisis de tendencias temporales en municipios o agregados de municipios

Directed by
Joan Benach de Rovira

José Miguel Martínez Martínez, Carme Borrell Thió, M.ª Isabel Pasarín, Yutaka Yasui, Montserrat Vergara Duarte, Maria Buxó Pujolràs, Carles Muntaner, Antonio Daponte, Ricardo Ocaña, Nuria Benach

Social Sciences > Demography > Health and Lifestyle

The goal of this study is to present relevant information on the geographical mortality situation and evolution in Spain. Thus, for both women and men and the main causes of death, a number of mortality indicators (i.e., life expectancy, excess mortality, mortality risk) at the small area level (i.e., municipalities or aggregated municipalities) and regions are shown. This approach is useful for examining general geographical patterns of disease and identifying high-risk areas.

This report may serve to researchers, policy makers and public health experts to identify geographical patterns of disease that are not evident from looking at other types of analyses. In summary, results displayed in this study can play a critical role in the search for the causes of health as well as health priority setting and the formulation of effective health policies


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