Inversión y stock de capital en España (1964-2011)

Evolución y perspectivas del patrón de acumulación

Social Sciences > Economics > Capitalization and Growth

This report presents the latest estimates of capital stock and services for the Spanish economy, developed jointly by the Ivie and the BBVA Foundation, and analyzes the most recent results. The database covers a period of almost fifty years (1964-2011) and has been revised in line with the latest recommendations of the OECD, and the procedures followed by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the EU KLEMS project.

Data have been widely disaggregated into assets, sectors, regions and provinces. The richness of the estimates allows to analyze the characteristics of capitalization from multiple standpoints, which makes the data bank a basic tool for studying the sources of growth in Spain. In this respect, the report evaluates the impact of the crisis (2007-2011) on investment and capital stock trajectories, framing this period within a long-term perspective on the Spanish economy. The authors reflect on the prospects for capital stock in Spain and the changes required in the pattern of accumulation in order to contribute to future growth.


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