Normativa ambiental

Regulación, gestión y financiación

Edited by
Enrique Alonso García

María Asunción Martín Lou

José Luis Alfaro, Enrique Alonso García, Enric Aulí Mellado, Dolores Carrillo Dorado, José Manuel Castellá Almiñana, José Francisco Elorriaga Ancín, Jaime Gago Sevilla, Julio Gilsanz, David Herrero García, Juan Antonio Loste Madoz, Juan Luis Ramos Martín, Esteban Morrás, Ver todos

Social Sciences > Legal Sciences, Public Policy

This publication reflects the talks and debates taking place within the Environmental Legislation: regulation, management and financing-conference organised by the BBVA Foundation to discuss the problems posed for large corporations by the myriad environmental rules brought into force since, and as a result of, Spain’s 1986 entry to the European Union.

It offers an in-depth look at the current enforcement status of environmental legislation in Spain and at the forms and operational modes of Company Environmental Law; a new area of law which has progressively shifted into the private, commercial law terrain what was once erroneously perceived as an exclusively punitive branch of public law.


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