PublicationFrancisco Giner de los Ríos Awards Series

Renovación educativa para la transformación social

XXVII Premios Francisco Giner de los Ríos a la Mejora de la Calidad Educativa

Social Sciences > Education Sciences

‘Ants as a teaching aid: an exhaustive study’, winner of the special award for the best project, uses the life of these insects to teach pupils the scientific method and the value of biodiversity, while integrating ITC in an unforced way.
The award in the second cycle of pre-school education was granted to ‘Wikiespellos: A wikiexperience of building collaborative, creative learning spaces in early education’, centered on the development of a collaborative website or wiki including work areas of varied digital and physical content.
A further two awards went to the primary education sector: a) ‘Learning to see’, encompassing three streams of expressive activity: the publication of creative writing, an art exhibition and a theatrical play; and b) ’10th Open Door Days: Architecture’ in which groups of pupils analyzed and imaginatively projected the domestic architecture of the past, present and future (bilingual mode or English only).
In the science and technology area, the winning entry was ‘Enthusing students for science, technology and research: a practical experiment’, which comprised the planning and organization of a Science and Technology Week with diverse activities including the presentation of pupils’ own research findings.
‘All roads lead to… the book!’, a multifaceted project to encourage the reading habit, picked up the award in the humanities and social sciences area, with the activities: ‘St. James’ Way, the Reading Way’ (exploring the pilgrimage route through the experience of books); ‘Literary itineraries’ (visiting the real places where books are set); and ‘Literary encounters: face-to-face and online’ (giving students the chance to converse with authors).
Finally ‘The Stage Space Project’ in the other subjects and curricular areas category, got conservatory students involved in a stage production through its design, planning, development and fund-raising stages, culminating in the live performance of three pieces of European baroque music.


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