Closed call


This first call of the “Fundamentos” research program flows from the BBVA Foundation’s engagement over more than two decades with the promotion of scientific research and its transmission to society, which it sees as the best means to understand the natural and social world, while enlarging individual and collective choices and delivering effective solutions to the key challenges of the 21st century.

The Fundamentos Research Program targets exploratory projects that innovatively address the core or fundamental questions of a scientific field or discipline at its current stage of development, or questions of the same fundamental nature emerging from the intersection of various disciplines. Immediate practical applicability is not part of the spirit of this call. In areas where pertinent, support will go to projects that, while conserving their basic nature, make use of today’s most advanced data science techniques.

The Fundamentos Program is open to projects led by up to three principal investigators from one or more disciplines, and incorporating researchers attached to centers in any country.

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